Friday, December 12, 2008

On Wednesday next week it is my birthday but on Saturday the 13 of December i am going to rainbows end and i am taking Helen Tupou there with me me and Helen are going but on Wednesday my mums going to make a cake it might be a chocolate cake with lollies on top of it
and i am going to share my birthday with my class i get my birthday presents with my Christmas presents .last year i got alot of presents it was c0ol have a happy merry Christmas every body

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


This week room15 and room 18 went swimming at the YMCA pools we are learning to do back stroke freestyle and to keep our tummy up when we are doing backstroke.Also to keep our arms straight when we are doing freestyle my favorite thing was doing freestyle because i like to move my arms around in the water we where swimming with room 18 Ms Squires and Mrs Lagitupu was teaching us after that we got to have free tie for maybe about 10 minutes

BY NGAINAi am doing freestyle from ngaina