Friday, December 12, 2008

On Wednesday next week it is my birthday but on Saturday the 13 of December i am going to rainbows end and i am taking Helen Tupou there with me me and Helen are going but on Wednesday my mums going to make a cake it might be a chocolate cake with lollies on top of it
and i am going to share my birthday with my class i get my birthday presents with my Christmas presents .last year i got alot of presents it was c0ol have a happy merry Christmas every body

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


This week room15 and room 18 went swimming at the YMCA pools we are learning to do back stroke freestyle and to keep our tummy up when we are doing backstroke.Also to keep our arms straight when we are doing freestyle my favorite thing was doing freestyle because i like to move my arms around in the water we where swimming with room 18 Ms Squires and Mrs Lagitupu was teaching us after that we got to have free tie for maybe about 10 minutes

BY NGAINAi am doing freestyle from ngaina

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The Zigzag group made an old African game called Mancala .

We used cardboard and egg cartons to make our game because we are trying to reuse and recycle
our rubbish.
First we cut up the egg carton
second we painted the egg carton
third we made the boxes to put our beans in
We played the game like this you have to choose a partner to play with you get 4 beans and put them in the hole if you land in a empty hole your turn is over.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Last week on Friday we were doing a rotation around the field doing some sports.
We had a game of high jump disks running and shot putt we had atlease 5 minutes each of our game. The first game i did was running we ran until we had to do our next game . we had about 5 people in our group that i competed with including myself. The next game our group done was
high jump we had atleast 5 goes on the high jump it was cool giving it ago we all tried and tried it was so fun The next game we done was the shot putt i Haven,t done shot putt or disks be fore either but i gave them a go i had a fun time playing out on the field and rotating aroud the field after that we went to cre to learn more

My weekends

in the weekend i went to a birthday and it was my friends birthday her name is Latisha Haywood and she turned 5 years old and when she had her birthday on saturday we took her to rainbows end and to play at the park we went to rocket park and moon park it was pretty cool Latisha thought it was pretty cool to after that we took her home and she told her mum all about it then on Sunday i went to another birthday we had to try and get the treasure and find the clue but when i got half way up the tree i grabbed the brunch and fell down to the ground my arm and my leg hurt badly that i had to go to the doctors then i was time to go to my aunty's in putaruru and then we went to the frangton Hamilton market my aunt brought alot of thing i was tired so then i went home with my uncle and cousin and had a sleep


Thursday, August 28, 2008

On Saturday my aunt ' uncle' cousins and my koro came to my house at 5 o'clock at the night
the next day my koro got up at 9 o'clock in the morning and got ready to go to a birthday party with my aunt and uncle. i couldn't i had to look after my cousins but my dad took us to the park and we went to the mount Eden park the first thing we went on was the swing and then we went on to the monkey bars me and my cousins had a race to see who could go across the monkey bars the fasts. We had twenty minutes to play on the park when we were going home we seen a lot of police because there was a car crash the man had to tell us to go around the cones because there was glass everywhere but that was so lucky because my dad thought we didn't have our Reg and warrant but i said we do actually have our Reg and warrant . When we got home my aunt and uncle were at home they stayed with us for a little while then they went back to Rotorua