Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thinking Skills

Nine Thirty this morning.

This morning Room 22 took on the thinking skills challenge using our logical thinking, in groups of three we were given a problem and five objects to solve it , my problem was to look after a wounded seagull until it was well enough to be released . My group came up with a non successful idea to help our Seagull.

Listening and looking at other peoples problems really got me thinking logically but not enough for our idea to be successful I think this challenge could help me a lot in my thinking skills.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The last week or so

Week 10 has been full on busy for some of us, can you image how hard we have been working?.

It's the end of the term and a lot of our students have been very busy we have had ,production practise,volley ball training, rehearsals. The start of this week is when all of the students as well as staff members were starting to get exhausted .

Throughout this week I have been called back to the hall over and over again to position my self in a place on the stage for our performance , moving around a lot, boxes placed on my head, my mask has been braking, moving to different holding rooms and I have just had enough of all of these rehearsals it's about time we had holidays .

This week I have felt so excited but exhausted at the same time two more nights of 2011 Webzidazical production.