Friday, May 27, 2011

20 Hour famine sleepover

A variety of people all around the world have been participating in this event known as the 20 hour famine. But in some parts of the world there are children and adults who are suffering without food,healthy water,energy and saftey. Us students here at Pt England School collect sponcers to help out these people without,so we have a sleepover to experience what it feels like for children and adults in different parts of the world.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Geometry is the study of size,shapes and position of a 2D shape or a 3D figure . Room22 have been on a mission this week drawing ,writing and creating 3D and 2D shapes .

Last week we were given a cool activity called Tanagrams it was all to do with Geometry . All we had to do was create the picture shown on the a4 paper. I liked this activity because we could use all the cut up paper to create a swan,a cat,a horse and rider,arrow,a arrow in the box and more different pictures.

This week we started a new piece of art work we had to combine circles together to create it,but I made mine squares because it was different to everyone Else's using different colours.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Taonga time

Every Friday Team 5 syndicate has the opportunity to rotate around classes for 1 hour and a half to learn about our teachers different passions, its called Taonga time . if you are wondering what Taonga time is it means treasure or special in Maori.

There are a number of groups taken by different teachers. Some of the groups are Science,Art,Sports,Music,Team Building and Kapa Haka. Kapa Haka was the group I was chosen for, Maori is one of my passions too. In kapa haka us students prepare for powhiri’s ,welcoming people and special events . We like to have our Waiata or songs in order to perform in .

I feel that being in Kapa Haka is fun, It also gives me confidence to perform and I also can learn new songs, my favourite song would have to be Kapioioi.

creative way of introducing Miss dempster

This morning room 22 had a visitor join our classroom her name is Miss Dempster, she will be in our class for 5 weeks. Miss Dempster is a second year student from Auckland University and she is training to be a teacher.

Miss Dempster’s favourite thing to do is mow the lawns every fortnight. She hangs out with her friends cow and moose, they like to go to the Panmure markets every Sunday. Everyday, Miss Dempster plays her saxophone that scares her chimpanzee.

Miss Dempster has 5 pets, a cow ,porcupine ,elephant ,moose and daddy rat. They all live in her spare kitchen and she feeds them peanut butter sandwiches. Just recently she had to chase after her Moose in her timber gumboots.

creative way of introducing Miss dempster

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What is creativity?.

In room 22 we have been learning about creativity .
Creativity involves thinking skills and is also a form of using your own imagination, creating something different to others or something that’s never been made before.

The task we were given was to come up with a creative idea to present our name. The resources that I used in my creation was maths equipment, teachers resources and a pair of shoes. ‘ What a challenge!’.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Values- DLO

Reflection - DLO

One of the things I was pleased about last term was My DLO. My rubric showed that I received 11 out of 16. I feel that I still need to work on giving more detail in my projects .

One thing that I need to improve in is managing my time well as my work was handed in at the last minute . The next time we are given a project I will definitely be on task.

Some of my highlights for last term were being able to stand up in front of
team 5 syndicate and start our day off with karakia (prayer) or mihimihi .
Secondly finding out that my applications were successful enough to be able to take charge of a lot of responsibilities around the school. Last term was good, this term is going to be greater.

These are my results that I was given for my DLO.