Tuesday, May 17, 2011

creative way of introducing Miss dempster

This morning room 22 had a visitor join our classroom her name is Miss Dempster, she will be in our class for 5 weeks. Miss Dempster is a second year student from Auckland University and she is training to be a teacher.

Miss Dempster’s favourite thing to do is mow the lawns every fortnight. She hangs out with her friends cow and moose, they like to go to the Panmure markets every Sunday. Everyday, Miss Dempster plays her saxophone that scares her chimpanzee.

Miss Dempster has 5 pets, a cow ,porcupine ,elephant ,moose and daddy rat. They all live in her spare kitchen and she feeds them peanut butter sandwiches. Just recently she had to chase after her Moose in her timber gumboots.

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Chloe said...

Hi Ngaina
cool story about all the visitor coming in your class it sounds fun.