Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Reflection - DLO

One of the things I was pleased about last term was My DLO. My rubric showed that I received 11 out of 16. I feel that I still need to work on giving more detail in my projects .

One thing that I need to improve in is managing my time well as my work was handed in at the last minute . The next time we are given a project I will definitely be on task.

Some of my highlights for last term were being able to stand up in front of
team 5 syndicate and start our day off with karakia (prayer) or mihimihi .
Secondly finding out that my applications were successful enough to be able to take charge of a lot of responsibilities around the school. Last term was good, this term is going to be greater.

These are my results that I was given for my DLO.

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