Monday, October 18, 2010

Thames SPCA Voluntree shelter

Volunteering to help out at the Thames SPCA shelter is really fun.Heading towards the shelter I was excited about walking the dogs,cleaning kennels,feeding pets and more .

My auntie and I helped out three other volunteers clean and wash out the dog cages ,while i was washing the cages i saw a dog run past me, wondering how did that dog get out. So I went after before it got past the gate.The dogs name was Jyinx his skin colour was tan and his eyes were black. As i went after Jyinx I shut the gate before the other dogs got out,finally the dog stopped because he was scared of the cows that were sitting on the edge of the paddock fence.

I was that organized that I was carrying a dog leash with me. So I rushed over and caught his collar and attached the the leash on and took him for a walk down to the other end of the drive and back up again.

Looking after the dogs was fun it was also a great experience for me . I also didn't mind chasing after the dog. actually i wouldn't mind visiting again .

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