Tuesday, December 7, 2010

market day

It was still the early hours of the morning when I arrived at school ready to set up my store for the year 7 market day.
At 7 o'clock Ms Tito arrived at school to help other students prepare too.
Firstly Ms T helped me carry the bullet board into the breeze which was used for my displays for my store and also some desk for my products to sit on .

Our market started at 11. 30 class by class arriving and coming in and out buying things from our stores.The products that ocean and I were selling was lollie boxes selling at the price of 1.00, inside were mixed lollies and a balloon.
Not allot of people were buying our products but as soon as the market started getting packed a variety of students came to our store and bought our selling products

At the end we fun raised alot of profit that is going towards our next years year 8 camp .
Market day was fun seeing all the kids and teachers buying products store by store i hope we get to have another market day next year if you look down bottem you will se a video that you can watch to see how well the market went :)

Market Day from KPE TV on Vimeo< /a>.


rayden said...

Hi Ngaina

Ms M product and so did i im sorry i could not come and buy some from you i had to help the JLD shakes maybe next time .

From Rayden

ngaina said...

thanks for your comment anyway rayden